Rivers Edge Bonsai

About Us

Rivers Edge Bonsai is committed to excellence in the development of Bonsai. The venture began with the encouragement of my son Ross in 2008. Since then, the journey has involved intensive workshop studies with Boon Manakavitipart, Michael Hagedorn, and workshops with other professionals.
There has also been active involvement with local Bonsai organizations and Pacific Northwest Bonsai Association conventions and workshops.

The focus is on the development of japanese Black Pine, assorted japanese Maples and collected yamadori from Vancouver Island. One of the fundamentals to developing quality Bonsai is the patient application of the correct technique over an extended period of time. Rivers Edge Bonsai is not involved in trying to turn landscape nursery stock into bonsai, but rather propogating Bonsai stock from the beginning. This involves the correct application of techniques and the continuing care to ensure nebari, taper, movement, branch structure, and refinement. Healthy trees suitable for Bonsai from the roots up is the goal.

NOTE: The tree pictured above has been cared for over the centuries on the grounds of a Buddhist Temple in Japan. This perspective encourages one to look at Bonsai from the foundation.