Rivers Edge Bonsai


Rivers Edge Bonsai is a small specialty nursery with limited production. The nursery currently contains Japanese Black Pine, Japanese Maples, Korean Hornbeam, Chojubai, Shimpaku, and collected Yamadori from Vancouver Island. All pre-bonsai and Bonsai are developed from seed, cuttings or collection. Several varieties of Japanese Maples and Shimpaku are available.
Rivers Edge Bonsai was created with the purpose of developing high quality pre-bonsai. Tree's that have been grown specifically for Bonsai. to this end, only specific varieties are cultivated. The root work, wiring and selective pruning is started early and maintained throughout development. The nursery focuses on a smaller number of trees to allow for the proper care. Purchase can be arranged by contacting Frank for an appointment or at one of the Open House Events. The nursery is not open for casual visitors.
Bonsai in various stages of refinement are also for sale by appointment or at one of the Open House Events. If you are interested in a particular species or wish to know what is available, please contact Frank.
Yamadori are only available for sale after they have been acclimatized and the roots have become well established in Bonsai soil. Depending on the species, this usually takes two to three years after collection. Larger specimens may require more root work over a period of time for successful transition to Bonsai training.
Pre Bonsai