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Open House and Fall Sale. October 7,8,9 2017. 10am-4pm
Groups receive basic instruction and practice in Bonsai techiques. Classes consist of 3-6 students at a time to maximise the opportunity for learning. The classes are normally three hours in length to allow for specific instruction and guided practice of the techniques. Classes are organized on one of the following topics: selecting appropriate Bonsai material, repotting, pruning, wiring, bending techniques, grafting and styling.
Instruction and assistance is available for individuals who have a particular task or technique they would like help with. This is based on an hourly rate not including any materials required. Clients are free to orovide their own materials or purchase them from Rivers Edge Bonsai. Contact Frank for details if you have a project in mind.
PLEASE NOTE: Bonsai must be healthy and the season appropriate for the work considered.
Instructional Classes
Individual Assistance
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